Whether you’re a first time home buyer, home mover or looking to refinance, we can help you.

We recognize that getting a mortgage can be complicated and confusing, not to mention intimidating. We are glad to be your guide through the process. Besides finding you the right mortgage, we also provide thorough information and offer resources to help you make the right decision. We’re your mortgage helper and we’ll assist you in finding the best solution, every time.


Getting a mortgage can be both confusing and daunting. Which type of deal should you go for and how big a mortgage will you be able to take out?

These aren’t the only issues buyers have to worry about. Thanks to steep property prices, many buyers only manage to save a small deposit to put down, which can restrict your mortgage options.

At JadeTree, we can take you through the mortgage application process from start to finish, offering expert guidance as to which kind of deal might suit you best, so that you can get onto the property ladder as painlessly as possible.


As your situation changes over time, it’s important to regularly review your mortgage arrangements. Perhaps your income has changed, your family has grown or your credit card debt is proving unmanageable. Or perhaps it’s time for that long-awaited renovation. The process of reviewing your home loan can provide significant savings – and that’s where refinancing options can come in handy.

The decision to remortgage is one that should never be taken lightly. If you are considering refinancing, please be free to contact Us. We can provide you with expert mortgage advise based on your circumstances. We aim to make the refinance process as straightforward as possible.


Are you looking to build your dream home or make some major structural changes to your existing home? If yes, then you should look at a Construction Loan. Constructions loans have a different loan structure to home loans where people are buying an established home.


When looking to buying a home, a pre-approval is often the first place to start. It helps determine one’s affordability of a potential mortgage and an idea of a price range in which to purchase a home.

Talk to Us to review your current income and expenses. We’ll help you take into account how your new mortgage may change your monthly expenses. Securing a pre-approved mortgage will allow you to get an idea about how much mortgage you may qualify for, so you can have a price range in mind when you look at different properties.


Smriti was very proficient and professional with our loan application. We needed a quick turn around due to short settlement and had a complex multi-unit transaction but Smriti handled it very well. Thanks Smriti for your attitude and eagerness to help.
Dr. Kamal Deep Kaur
We had a great experience dealing with Smriti Khatter for organising the refinancing of our owner-occupied property and new finance for the investment property. She always maintains the highest quality level of service by way of quick response, proper followup, keep the clients updated with the progress of the application and negotiating a good deal from the financial institution. In nutshell, we received an Excellent Service from Jadetree. 
Mr. Rajiv Nain Malhorta & Mrs. Seema Malhotra

All the Lenders that matter!

We have access to more than 25 lending institutions to ensure we are able to provide just the right mortgage solution for your needs today and tomorrow. Our partnerships with these lenders give us access to excellent rates for a variety of mortgage products. We don’t favour any lenders – we only care about finding you the perfect mortgage. The Lenders on offer have been carefully assembled and are continually reviewed.

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